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Ostrow DUI Criminal Defense

Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer Gary Ostrow's Law firm's criminal defense practice is centered on pursuing the most favorable result through trial. In over 25 years of defending clients charged for drunk driving, DUI Attorney Ostrow has obtained more than four hundred acquittals or dismissed charges while defending clients at the criminal trial level. Contact Us Now Special 24 Hour Service For DUI Charges 954-566-4033 or Toll Free 877-255-5297 Read More

Attorney Gary Ostrow Fort Lauderdale DUI Defense

Ostrow Gets Charges Dropped In Death Of Teenager

Prosecutors on Monday dropped murder and child abuse charges against a Davie man who was accused of supplying heroin to 13-year-old Sherry Maresco shortly before her death in February 2001. Gary Ostrow Attorney Said That Read More

Attorney Gary Ostrow Fort Lauderdale Murder Defense

Gary Ostrow Defends Williams

Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams refused to discuss Tuesday whether he violated the NFL's substance-abuse policy a second time by using marijuana. Gary Ostrow Criminal Defense for Williams said "No one in the NFL can talk about anything regarding the substance-abuse" Gary Ostrow Attorney Is currently Read More

Attorney Gary Ostrow Fort Lauderdale Drug Defense

Gary S. Ostrow Criminal Defense Attorney

An Aggressive And Experienced Criminal Defense Trial Lawyer Defending Clients For Over 20 Years In South Florida That Have Been Charged With Federal, State And County Criminal Charges.. Gary Ostrow Attorney Is The ** Two Time Winner Of The Broward Association Criminal Defense Lawyers "HAT TRICK" AWARD. 954-566-4033 or Toll Free 877-255-5297 Read More

Attorney Gary Ostrow Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense

Ostrow's Client Sues

Attorney Gary Ostrow's Client, Mike Quinn former Mr. Universe, Files Suit against Chris Paciello as a result of an unprovoked violent physical attack at Club Liquid. After 3 days of testimony, and the testimony of Ex Girlfriend Super Model Niki Taylor, Jurors, apparently threatened by Paciello's mob connections, found contrary to the weight of the evidence that the king of south beach acted in self defense. Read More

Gary Ostrow Attorney Criminal Defense

Ostrow Criminal Defense Acquittals

An Impressive Record of Acquittals Criminal Defense Attorney Gary S. Ostrow has unparalleled criminal trial experience and has achieved much success before judges and juries. Defense Attorney Ostrow has TWICE been awarded the coveted Broward Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers "Hat Trick" Award for three consecutive jury acquittals and has recovered hundreds of acquittals in his criminal defense career. Call 954-566-4033 or Toll Free 877-255-5297 Read More

Gary Ostrow Criminal Defense Attorney

Ostrow Represents Mother In Infant's Death

A paramedic revived her, and police warned her to to turn herself in for two warrants against her for driving with a suspended license. To the amazement of the passers-by she was then allowed to drive off. She then drove to pick up a methadone dose. Garry Ostrow Attorney acted as her Representative. Read More

Attorney Gary Ostrow Criminal Defense lawyer

Theft & White Collar Crimes

Whether faced with criminal charges for fraud or for car theft, it is important that you have an attorney that is concerned about your future, your rights, and all of the potential consequences you may face if convicted. Contact South Florida attorney Gary Ostrow for a free initial consultation to discuss your defense strategy. 954-566-4033 or Toll Free 877-255-5297 Read More

Attorney Gary Ostrow White Collar Criminal Defense

Fort Lauderdale Criminal lawyer Gary Ostrow Defending Your Freedom.

The Law Firm Of Gary Ostrow Attorney Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense
Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer  GARY OSTROW Attorney Defending Clients In State And Federal Court. Practicing Criminal Defense For Over 30 Years Receiving Many Acquittals For Our Clients.