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Author : Lynn Foster

February 25th, 2013 Posted by in law

A Beginners Guide To What Is A Default Judgment

Encounters with the legal system are fairly common in the United States due to the number of legal professionals and laws that govern our country. Some terms come up more often due to the use of certain legal tactics by business and government. One of the instruments that are used more often by collection agencies and other groups is the default judgment.

The important point to consider is that any legal action has a timeline from where it is entered to final judgement. If a defendant does not respond to legal action within a certain timeline a legal action that was started by the plaintiff is carried out automatically. This default judgment is legally binding and carries with it the full weight of a legal decision.

Notice that all of these proceedings have time constraints where if a defendant goes over the limits judgment is usually made by default. If you get a notice respond quickly so you can beat the legal deadlines. If the notification goes to a previous address have documentation of your address change so you can admit that information when following up with the court.

Note that the time limits and requirements will vary depending on who is starting the case, what ruling is desired and where it is being tried among other points. Make sure you know the details before setting up a defense so the proper steps can be applied to the case at hand. In addition this avoids sending the materials needed to the wrong court or preventing other filing mishaps.

If the case is over the deadlines a relief from default judgement can be used. A similar process as above is used but realize this puts an extra burden to your defense. This is due to that the original deadlines were not met and thus a ruling was placed on you.

This process can be done by a individual but know it requires a bit of effort in knowing the procedures, information needed by the court and deadlines that need to be followed. This is especially important if it goes to the phase where legal actions are placed on you. Looking for a qualified legal expert may be the best step if you have some problems with the legal steps.

Living in the world today means that people have a reasonable chance of running into courts and legal actions. The default judgment is a tool that more agencies are using so preparing your records beforehand is a good first step. On top of that finding experts that know the subject will prepare you if a warrant ever reaches your doorstep.

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