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Author : Steven Harrison

March 11th, 2013 Posted by in law

An Attorney Can Help You In Bicycle Accident Compensation Recovery

Mostly, cases involving these types of accidents could fall on one party where either the motorist or the cyclists are solely to blame. Nonetheless, it is also true that more than one party or situation may contribute to the tragedies. With proper bicycle accident compensation representation, you could be able to receive recovery for damages you have suffered.

Considering that bicycle accidents are not always obvious, there is need to have thorough investigation into the cause of the tragedies. Incidents of bicycle crash can be fatal causing severe bodily injuries including brain damage or spinal cord injury. These conditions can be life threatening and need to be accorded proper medical examination and treatment.

Therefore, if you are involved in an accident with your bicycle and you feel that it was caused by fault act of a motorist, you could pursue claims with help of a lawyer. In order to present your case in court, you should have sustained injuries whether physical or psychological due to actions of a motorist. A motorist may act negligently and cause a crash that leaves a cyclist injured.

Even when after a tragedy you feel that your injuries are not serious, you should not take it for granted and not visit your doctor. This can be a big mistake as some injuries may be internal and it is only after a short period that they start showing signs. Internal injuries could be fatal as they can affect organs causing failures or more severe health complications.

In addition, even if you do not suffer injuries, you may also claim for personal property damage if your bicycle is destroyed. By seeking the help of an attorney, your case is investigated to determine who was at fault in causing the crash. Tragedies involving bicycles can be fatal and this is because of the little protection, which is provided to the cyclist.

In this case, the contributory negligence principle applies. What it means by contributory negligence is that the injured or plaintiff could have been accountable for his or her own injuries. By acting negligently, the plaintiff is held partly responsible in causing a tragedy.

If the percentage of fault by plaintiff is more, it may defeat the plaintiff case meaning that the lawsuit is unsuccessful or the amount is reduced significantly. It requires a very skilled and aggressive lawyer to be able to eliminate the doubt that the injured or plaintiff was to a larger extend responsible for a bigger percentage in causing a tragedy. In a typical lawsuit involving contributory negligence, it may be decided the plaintiff or injured is accountable for 25 percentage of responsibility because he or she did not wear a helmet or did not look on the road to determine if there was an oncoming vehicle.

Similarly, the defendant or motorist may be held accountable for 75 percent of responsibility because he or she was driving at a high speed during the time of accident. This means that compensation for the plaintiff will be reduced by 25 percent. With assistance of a bicycle accident compensation lawyer, you could get a fair ruling on your case.

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