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Author : Claire Dowell

February 26th, 2013 Posted by in legal

Canada Public Death Records

In Canada, Canadian territories and provinces have individual Vital Statistics offices and local government services that store, maintain, and disseminate vital information including birth reports and death certificates. The policies and requirements associated with the record review process vary between each provincial government. Canadian residents who wish to obtain Canada death records or any other vital information can visit their local government’s official website for detailed instructions on how to acquire certified copies of any vital record in that particular province.

Apart from Canada’s northernmost territory, Nunavut, each of the country’s local government offices offer clear-cut and detailed instructions online on how to obtain certified public documents. These instructions apply to both residents and nonresidents. Similar to the United States’ policies regarding public information, Canadian citizens are free to access any vital information they need, just as long as no rights are being violated in the process. Third party access to such information is allowed as well, albeit the documents that are provided are somewhat limited.

As it is in some of the states in the US, provincial governments and territories in Canada have independent policies and requirements that people must adhere to when requesting access to vital records. These policies, however, do differ between each province and territory. The requirements that you are obligated to submit in one provincial office, for example, may not be needed in another vital statistics office in a neighboring province or territory. With that said, it is important that you do adequate research on the different policies employed in some Canadian provinces and territories.

For non Canadians who want to perform comprehensive background checks on individuals, who may have a record in Canada, opting for an online data search service is a logical choice. As a matter of fact, a lot of people who do not wish to go through government channels or have limited resources when it comes to public records access typically employ the services of a data search website when running a background search. In comparison to traditional methods, going for a reputable online record provider is essentially more functional and expedient, no matter where you are from.

In the early years of online record access websites, most of the databases being maintained online was still in its infancy, hence the shortage of search results and limited information. But as the years went on, and more and more public documents were being digitized and stored online, record search websites started to become more capable and accurate in providing comprehensive information. These days, more than a handful of online record providers already have the capacity to produce inclusive background profiles ranging from every state, province, and territory of both the US and Canada.

If you are someone who wants to obtain a death record that is quite hard to access through conventional means, you can try out an independent online record provider instead. A lot of respectable researchers dealing with genealogy utilize these types of sources. And if you ask them, most of these professionals would probably vouch for their respective providers. For a one-time fee, you can get unlimited access to a wide array of public information, whether it’s a fianc’s marital history or the death report of a long deceased relative.

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