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Author : Cornelius Nunev

May 12th, 2013 Posted by in law

First Colorado pot club closes after one day

Voters in Colorado and Washington state made bold advances in recent elections, as both states decriminalized marijuana use. At least two “pot clubs” have opened in Colorado but one such pot club, the White Horse Inn, shut down after one day of operations.

Pot clubs announced in Colorado

To be able to say “we can do whatever we want” to the government, many states will pass laws that go against federal regulation. Colorado and Washington voters did just that as they decriminalized the use of weed for recreational purposes.

It is not lawful because there is still regulation; that is why it is called decriminalization rather than legalization.

According to the Huffington Post, the White Horse Inn is a “pot club” in Colorado where people can go and bring their own pot to smoke together. The owner of the club was trying to get it opened on a short term schedule and accidently violated his lease rules in the process. These lounges are starting to pop up in Colorado. The White Horse Inn is just one of the two pot clubs announced in Colorado recently.

Opened too soon

How pot clubs operate is that since selling marijuana is illegal in both Colorado and Washington state, people can purchase a membership. If they want to fire up a joint or whatever, they can go to the pot club and consume their own supply.

Two opened recently, according to ABC, one called Club 64, honoring Amendment 64, the Colorado law decriminalizing cannabis use, and another establishment called the White Horse Inn, in Del Norte, Colo., a coffee shop-style operation with booths where patrons can indulge.

If White Horse owner Paul Lovato had waited one day to open the business, he would have been fine. Since he opened early, he ended up getting evicted from the building by the owner. He was just a little desperate to begin, according to the Huffington Post.

Other club doing perfectly

It is expected that Lovato might have been just a little distracted when looking at the contract’s conditions.

Any person who wants to be a part of Club 64, on the other hand, just has to pay a $29.99 membership fee. Club 64 is not located in a permanent location, but it actually moves to different locations and holds “events” at them. An individual, according to CNN, would have to prove they are 21 to participate, but they can do whatever they want in the club.

If there’s a Denny’s nearby, it’ll be rolling in dough after participants are done rolling doobies.

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