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Author : Sara Lane

December 25th, 2010 Posted by in law

How to protect yourself from Defamation of Character

Defamation of character is a serious matter that you have to deal with as a business. People will only do business with you if your reputation is credible and intact. Aside from normal business problems like cash flow and personnel problems, you will also have to deal with your competitors. Competition can bring out the worst in everyone and they can resort to unprofessional strategies like slander and libel. If you anger your clients, you will receive negative publicity. This is why you have to know about reputation management online so that you can protect yourself and your business from these threats.

Having disgruntled customers can put your online reputation under siege. Usually, you will not know the key details about online customers so you can’t approach them and check if what they are saying is true. These customers can bring you down with negative reviews, which could land on the top rank of search engines. As a result, potential clients will think twice before engaging your services.

Possible reputation damage usually comes from your competitors. Other business will do everything to exploit the anonymity of the Internet. It may seem unethical, but the truth is that there’s nothing wrong with it as it is a marketing strategy. They could create defamation slander out of false reviews or make other products appear inferior to theirs.

Get a horde of angry displeased customers and competitiors who are willing to play dirty together online and what you have is a recipe for disaster. However, there are available options to address this and the other threats lurking at all corners of the web.

The loser way to approach this problem is to sit back and do nothing. Hoping that they will stop and these things disappear on the Internet is wishful thing. You have to assert yourself in order to manage online reputation. Always remember that credibility counts a lot in business.

Another strategy is to send in the lawyers and file a suit against your enemies. If you give a strong case with loads of evidence, the court will force the other party to give you some payment for the damages. They could also give an order to take down offensive content that destroy your online reputation. This is all well and good if you have plenty of money as court trials can take long. The worse thing is while the court case is ongoing, the negative content is still online and can prevent you from having new customers. Your loyal customers can also have a change of heart and leave you.

The best option is search engine reputation management. This is when you use technology against technology to repair your online reputation. Hire a company that specializes in defamation of character repair services. They will send the websites and pages that are contain negative content down to underground of the search engine rankings. People usually don’t have the patience to look through until the 10th page result. This strategy will make sure that potential new clients will not go to a competitor due to negative content.

Negative press is a very serious issue for your business, and can even lead to its downfall. Fix it before it gets all out of hand.

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