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Author : Hermione Edwards

February 15th, 2013 Posted by in law

Need to find a criminal defence lawyer in Auckland?

Are you facing charges or know someone looking for a criminal defence lawyer? Law and choosing the right lawyer is a huge area and can be very difficult to arrange the first time. In order to be sure you are choosing the best lawyer for your needs, you need to take into consideration things such as experience, trust, approachability and availability.

The legal profession is huge and incorporates a seemingly endless amount of specialities. First of all, for any criminal cases you need a criminal lawyer – giving you a lawyer that is experienced in the area you require. If you are applying or are approved for legal aid, make sure your lawyer provides legal aid services.

Is the lawyer you are considering or choosing experienced to under take your case and provide your legal advice? You must have a lawyer with the appropriate experience to provide an effective defence for your case. Choosing an under experienced lawyer leaves you with a professional who hasn’t seen as many unique cases.

Can you trust your lawyer? Make sure the lawyer you are choosing has the credibility you require. The way you can tell that is often not on face value, but seeing who they are registered and associated with. Many New Zealand lawyers should be members of the New Zealand Law Society and the New Zealand Bar Association for starters.

The next thing is whether your lawyer can even represent you at the time and date you require. Many lawyers will situate their offices in central cities or close to their preferred courts in order to be more approachable and available to you and their other clients.

At the bottom of it all, there are no guarantees or testimonials you can get from a criminal defence lawyer, but how about looking at previous cases? Seeing what sort of cases they have been involved in and what successes they have had can help to make you reassured when choosing a lawyer.

So, before you choose the lawyer for your case, make sure you take a hard look at who you’re choosing and be sure to choose the perfect lawyer for you and your case.

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