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Author : Claire Dowell

March 14th, 2013 Posted by in legal

New Hampshire Marital Record

The ninth least populous state in the United States is New Hampshire, also known as The Granite State and the fifth smallest state. It is one of the states where obtaining copies of vital dossiers – such as marriage records – is a simple process. Although you will need to submit several requirements and take note of some rules, it won’t be a difficult process as long as you are well-prepared and know the procedure. In looking for New Hampshire marriage records, for instance, the first thing that you should do is look for the right authority or agency to approach for making your request.

The earliest public records in New Hampshire were recorded back in the 1800s, although many vital events were left unrecorded until the latter part of the decade. Additionally, they also contained incomplete information. It was not until 1901 when the vital records were finally upgraded and completed. Today, all original public records are kept by the New Hampshire Historical Society and the office of the town clerk. It is, however, the Bureau of Vital Records Office that you need to go to if you plan to file for a request to obtain a marriage record.

Aside from your photo ID with signature, you are also required to submit a written request when applying for marriage records access in New Hampshire. A notarized authorization letter that gives you permission to obtain the document you are requesting for is needed if you are not the owner of the record. This authorization should be provided by the record owner or the legal representative of the record owner. To make sure that your request is granted, have a self-addressed stamped envelope ready. Additionally, you must be ready to shell out $15 for every record that is handed to you. The records found in the Vital Records Office start from the 1800s; records from 1989 and the current ones are found through the Vital Records Automated software of New Hampshire. The New Hampshire Vital Records Information Network or NHVRIN is one way of obtaining Online marriage records. It is regularly updated as state offices, birth hospitals and other city/town agencies input public records information into the database.

You can also choose to file your request with the clerk of the town or city where the marriage license was filed; or where the marriage happened. You’ll need the same requirements, as well as be prepared to pay the fee, the amount of which depends on the town or city where you filed the request. In most cases, you will be required to wait for several days or weeks as the office might have loads of requests to take care of. There is a better option for you, though; a faster way. Independent online record providers will help you find the New Hampshire marriage records you need in a more efficient manner.

Online providers have their own records database, so obtaining the documents you need will be fast and easy. After following simple search procedures, where you have to give the couple’s name and the date and place of marriage, the record you want can be in your hands in a matter of minutes. No need to wait for days or weeks. No complex requirements and application process.

The best thing about using online record providers for obtaining Online marriage records is that you do not have to pay for every request you make. It’s a good deal because you only need to pay a one-time fee that will give you the freedom of unlimited access to all vital records in their database. In other words, you pay for the first request only. Where else can you find such an incredible offer?

Finding Marital Records Online can be tricky and potentially demoralizing but we know the smart way. Come and share our insights and tips at Free Married Records.

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