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Author : Arthur Albao

October 23rd, 2012 Posted by in law

Services Of San Antonio Law Firm Makes Veterans Benefits Understandable

While most Americans agree there should be no doubt that individuals who have served their country and become disabled in the process are entitled to having their needs met, many vets are not receiving this type of care. For years in our nation’s history, vets were not even allowed to hire a lawyer to represent them. With the help of a veteran benefits attorney San Antonio residents can qualify for the care promised by the nation they love.

Fortunately, the laws that restricted lawyers for vets were overturned in 2007. Since that year, the vet who has difficulties with the process, is able to use a legal representative. With this kind of help, many individuals have received the care and remuneration for their injuries or illnesses.

Military personnel who are injured, whether physically or psychologically, as a result of serving their country through the military can seek compensation. The benefit is regardless of whether a soldier was off or on active duty. However, many vets have found receiving this compensation is not as easy as it might sound.

Before receiving compensation, the soldier is evaluated first to ensure that the injury or illness was sustained while on active duty. Even injuries or illness made worse by serving in the military may qualify. Awards are computed based on a percentage of one’s disability and range from 10% to 100%. This percentage affects the compensation received.

No matter where one’s place of employment, the employee should not have to pay for expenses due to an on the job injury. In addition, he or she should be compensated for wages lost or loss of potential earning ability. If the federal government is the employer and the job was in the military, the responsibility should remain the same.

Turning to the help of a veteran benefits attorney San Antonio vets often are able to get the compensation needed due to an injury. Attorneys help to work through this maze. Many veterans have found the help essential to compensation and care.

You can find a detailed summary of the benefits you get when you hire a veteran benefits attorney San Antonio area and more information about a well-trained lawyer at now.

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