Texas Public Birth Records Available Online

The state of Texas has a projected population in 2012 shows a total 26,403,743 inhabitants base from the Vital Statistics Unit of the Lone Star State. Texas residents who were delivered in the said state have their respective Texas Birth Records filed in the database of their government office. These sort of vital data are needed in entering schools, knowing your genealogy and obtaining licenses among other purposes. Important documents such as birth records are maintained by the Vital Statistics Unit of Texas Department of State Health and Services. These files are made confidential in the state thus it cannot be accessed by just any person. The owner of the birth records and the immediate family members can only obtain such report in the office. Otherwise, a notarized sworn statement with the signature of the immediate family member must be submitted to the office along with the application form. The mentioned office can release verification letters of birth files signifying your birth records are sorted among the list of vital documents of the state. It is significant to bear in mind that verification letters cannot be used as a legal proof of your birth records. Certified copy of your birth is required to utilize the file as support for legal reasons. It is requested to attest if your birth records are included in the database of the state. The letter usually reflects the full name of the person who owns the birth document. Place of birth, time and date of the deliver as well as the state file number are indicated in the verification letter. The Vital Statistics Unit of Texas Department of State Health and Services can release a copy of the letter for births occurred in 1903 until the recent time. You can request verification letters or certified copies by personally visiting the office of Texas Vital Statistics Unit at Austin. Another option is to mail a request to the Texas Vital Records, Department of State Health Services. An application form to request such file can be downloaded from the website of the office or personally get a copy of the application at the Texas Vital Statistics Office (VSU) in Austin. There are certain instructions or guidelines on how to process the request. You may visit the office from Mondays thru Fridays during office hours. The instructions for request sent by mails can be found on the application form that can be obtained from the office website. You can wait for your application for about half an hour until two hours at the office while they process the request. In cases where the process will take much longer time, you are requested to be back on the location at 3:30 of that afternoon or 10:30 of the next morning. It will take six to eight weeks to process the requests sent by mails. There are certain fees in ordering a birth copy. The office requires $22 for birth records. The method of payment must be in a form of check, money order or cash payable to the Department of State Health and Services. Online search of vital documents as Birth Records are accessible with the help of internet and upgraded gadgets of technology. It makes the search of such files convenient and hassle-free. The Texas government has partnered with an online company who can assist their people to search or obtain copies of their birth details with their online services. Learn all about Birth Records Texas and where to find the right resource for Online Birth Records.
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