The Legal Aspects Of Divorce

Divorce can be a financially, physically and of course emotionally draining process. Definitely, the endless court hearings and attorney appointments will take its toll on each aspect of your life. Furthermore, the sudden absence of the other person will make you feel rather different for some time. You'll not feel the same for quite a while after experiencing the bliss of family life. And, as you're struggling with your emotional unsteadiness, your child will be undergoing similar emotional stress as well. Singapore, being an Asian country makes the whole divorce procedure more difficult. As a matter of fact, being a divorcee in the Asian culture isn't very much accepted. As such, before you consult law firms in Singapore, you have to weigh the pros and cons carefully. Nonetheless, if divorce is already inevitable, then seek the professional help of singapore lawyers, as they can surely help you with the procedure. The process of divorce entails a meticulous set of procedures. Courts can't go about the procedure with a blind eye. Therefore, couples filing for a divorce should prove that their relationship has miserably fallen apart on all facets. When you file a separation, you must cite specific grounds like the following: 4 years of separation without consent, 3 years of separation with consent, adultery, domestic abuse, drug use, 2 years of desertion, alcoholism and gambling. After the courts receive the requirements, a notice of action shall be sent to the other party. The process will only push through if the court receives no objection from the respondent. The court will have scheduled a status conference within a 6 week period following the respondent's non-objection. If the respondent, on the other hand, disputes the ground for divorce, the court shall order the couple to go through counselling together until they come up with a conclusion to push through with the separation or not. After all the procedures mentioned above have been accomplished, the last step is the three months cool-off period which is the last effort to reconcile the couple. In case this fails and a judge deems the union is already beyond repair with absolute certainty, a certificate of divorce will be awarded. Then, three months after both parties are free to marry again. Related articles on singapore lawyer or visit
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