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Author : Mark Stewart

March 16th, 2013 Posted by in Criminal Defense

Why It Is Imperative To Acquire Advice From A Williamsport Criminal Defense Attorney

Few things can be as fearful, as damaging and as stressful as when one becomes the focus of the law enforcement authorities. Being suspected of a crime, or worse, being arrested can cause untold trauma and it can have long term negative consequences. Despite the initial feelings of panic and despair, it is important to remain focused and to obtain the services of a Williamsport criminal defense attorney immediately.

Anybody accused of a serious offence, and most certainly anybody that is arrested should exercise their basic rights, including the right to remain silent. Many people have inadvertently made voluntary statements that later proved to be detrimental to their case. The legal system is complex and it is better to wait until a lawyer is present to manage the case and to liaise with the authorities..

One of the most urgent tasks of a lawyer is to do everything possible to arrange bail for the accused. In some cases this can be done instantly but in many other instances a bail hearing need to be set up. Bail normally has to be paid on the spot but if this is not possible, the lawyer can assist his client in obtaining the services of registered bail bondsmen.

It is astonishing to learn that some offences, such as driving under the influence are seen by many people as insignificant. Nothing can be further from the truth. There is nothing minor about losing a license to drive and to obtain a record as an official offender. It is absolutely vital to obtain legal help when arrested for DUI.

One expect a Williamsport criminal defense lawyer to be able to mount a suitable and effective defense but another great advantage is the fact that most of them have ample experience in all the various courts, including federal and state courts. They know all the role players and they know the system and they are therefore often able to expedite matters or even to negotiate a plea bargain.

It is unfortunate that so many people accused of a crime hire legal representation only to hide facts and distort the truth. It is impossible to prepare a proper case if the client is dishonest. It is extremely important to entrust all relevant information to the lawyer. If this is not done, the case may be lost and the consequences can be dire.

The cost of legal representation can be very steep, especially in cases where court appearances become necessary. It is therefore better to clarify the costs and the terms under which the lawyer will take on the case beforehand. Clients should also keep updated on the costs as the case progress. Some lawyers will allow their clients to pay over time, but this is not common practice.

It is vital to obtain the expert services of a Williamsport criminal defense attorney when being suspected of a crime or when being arrested. The matter should be viewed as extremely serious and a conviction can cause untold harm to the future of the accused. Nobody should ever be as foolhardy as to decide to defend himself against formal charges.

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