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Author : Jerome L. Kunde

February 5th, 2013 Posted by in law

Why You Might Need A Real Estate Attorney

Real estate attorney’s are the last people that are thought about when thinking about the idea of buying and selling real estate but this should not be the case. Unless you are an expert in and always follow real estate law then you are most likely not going to be aware of all the laws and regulations involved. The act of actually buying and selling real estate is more than what it just appears to be on the surface, entailing more than just rapid exchanges of land and money.

Buying land, particularly for business use involves a lot of paperwork and a high amount of state, county, and city regulation. It is highly likely that you are not cognizant of all of these laws and having a real estate attorney working for you can help you navigate all of them. For example, a lot of cities have a high regulation regarding permits and how particular land can be used as well as zoning requirements. Forgetting to follow just a single regulation could be disastrous for your plans and your business schedule.

If you are participating in a government incentive program you may also need an attorney to assist with the specifics of this. Or you might run into issues regarding property taxes and you may need to file an appeal with the city or county in which you purchase your property. When you have legal experts on your side both of these instances will have a better result.

If you intend to use your property for commercial leasing you might also need a team of real estate attorneys to help with actual leasing aspect of the property. No matter what kind of company you intend to lease to it is continually ideal to have competent attorneys working on your side through the whole process so that both your tenants and you can be protected at all times.

Getting an attorney for all aspects that are related to business real estate is a smart idea. When you have a law expert working on your side you can be certain that you take every step that is possible to make your business transactions run smoothly. If you do not hire an expert team to start advising you in the early stages you will be much more likely to lose momentum in your plan because an ignored regulation may hold you back. When you have people who are experts helping out you will be preventing as many mistakes as possible in order to ensure that scheduling nightmares do not occur with renters, contractors, or other involved parties.

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