Traffic Ticket Defense

We advise people never to pay their tickets. You don’t have to pay the ticket or go to court.

South Florida Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Don’t pay the ticket without reading the following:

Did you know that if you pay your ticket it’s an automatic admission and adjudication of guilt on your record? Moreover, if it’s a moving violation, points will be assessed toward a license suspension. Finally, insurance companies may use this information as an excuse to raise your rates and take more of your money.

That’s why under most circumstances we advise people never to pay their tickets. At the Traffic Ticket Help Center we assert an arsenal of defenses and legal strategies in order to get a desirable outcome for your traffic tickets. Best of all you don’t have to pay the ticket or go to court.

What are some of the strategies and techniques we assert include the following?

Improper Statute or Charging Instrument

The proper statute must be written so that the officer proves the proper elements for a conviction. The facts must satisfy the elements of the statute for a proper conviction. Moreover, you must be properly advised of the charges against you so that a defense may be prepared.

Invalid Pace Calibration

Similar to the radar calibration, the pace clock must be calibrated as well. This should also be checked at the trial date. If the officer does not bring proof of the calibration, the case may be dismissed.

Speedy Trial

The state is required to bring your case to trial within 180 days. Our computerized system calculates the speedy trial date and leverages all methods to get the case past the speedy trial so that the case is dismissed.

For some tickets, the officer is required to write the words “to wit” with an explanation of how you violated the statute. Without such specificity a case may be dismissed for lack of specificity to prepare a defense.


Invalid Radar Calibration

Radar logs must indicate specific dates of calibration and testing. These logs should be inspected at the trial date. If the officer does not bring the radar log, the case may be dismissed.

There are many more strategies and defenses which our attorneys employ with great success.


Can You Fight Your Ticket on Your Own?

If you want to fight your ticket on your own, all the way to the trial date, you will likely spend hours upon hours in court and will have to go to court on three separate court dates just for the trial. For those who have nothing but time on their hands, this may not be so bad, but for the rest of us who consider our time to be valuable or even our time to be money, this is not a cost effective way to handle a traffic ticket. The first court appearance is called the arraignment. At the arraignment you won’t get to see the police officer. It is only whether you plead guilty, not guilty, or opt for driving school if eligible. If after spending hours of your time for the arraignment and you still want to fight your ticket, you will plead NOT guilty and will receive a second court date called a pretrial. You will not get to see the police officer at the pretrial either. At the pretrial you will get a chance to change your mind and your plea to either guilty or no contest. If after spending hours at the pretrial (generally, all the attorneys go first while the rest of the cases are called when the attorneys are finished), you still want to fight your ticket, you will maintain your NOT guilty plea and your case will be set for trial. You will receive another court notice in the mail which will be your trial date. The trial date is your opportunity to confront the officer if he/she shows up. At this stage you have the right to cross examine the officer and put on your case. You also have the right to change your plea even at this trial date, so long as you do so before the officer is sworn in.

It seems like a lot of trouble to fight a ticket with 3 court dates just to get to see the officer.

Fortunately, the attorneys at the Traffic Ticket Help Center do all of these appearances for you and bring thousands of cases of experience at an affordable fee which is usually much less than paying the ticket.


What should you do before and when you get stopped in South Florida?

This year in the USA, over 34 million people will get speeding tickets. Some will be the victim of a simple oversight or mistake by the issuing officer! Yes, most traffic infractions are successfully prosecuted. What you might not know is that as many as 95% of all citations are not even contested in court and that many are dismissed. If you feel that you’ve been wrongly accused, knowing how the system works can mean the difference between points and astronomical insurance premiums…or dismissal! Most people don’t know their legal rights and options when they receive a traffic ticket in Florida. Lots of people on the road have traffic infractions that keep on snowballing and they are scared to deal with it. Lustig and P.A. Traffic Ticket Help Center has successfully handled thousands of traffic cases. They know how the legal system works. Attorney Stephen Lustig says, “don’t despair, your problems can be dealt with.”