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Rodd Marcus

Gary Ostrow PA is the best criminal attorney in state and federal cases I know. He is very hands on and always available when you need him. I highly recommend him… Helped me incredibly…

Nicole Long

Over the years, I have witnessed Mr. Gary Ostrow help many Defendants in fighting their cases. Mr. Ostrow is all about justice. Mr. Ostrow is known as one of the best, if not THE BEST in South Florida, as a criminal defense trial attorney. He is passionate about who he defends and is NOT like most attorneys. Gary Ostrow will go to the frontline for anyone IF he believes in you. You can be rest assured that Mr. Ostrow knows the laws and will fight for your life until the end for a fantastic and fair result.

Annesa Lewis

Mr. Gary Ostrow is truly a champion lawyer and beyond compare. I hold this man in high esteem and highly recommend him. Thank you Gary.

Dante Paone

Hands down, The best attorney in Florida. My back against the wall, I needed an excellent attorney fast. My sister told me about Gary, and the great experience she had with him. I cant tell you what a blessing that turned out to be. From the first day I met him till the last day in court, Gary never gave anything but positive vibes. He was efficient, professional, and had a winning attitude. All I expected was a lesser charge, but the end I walked away with a dismissal. Gary was a pit bull in court and had both prosecutors shaking. The man took control of the courtroom. I have never even seen anything like this. Not only did he save my license privileges, he saved me thousand of dollars in court costs. Gary is a life saver, and I would recommend him to anyone that needs a attorney. He really cares……

Antony Padro

Gary Ostrow is a top criminal and federal defense attorney. you will not find a better more effective attorney that fights for your rights as passionately as Gary. The last thing any prosecutor wants to see in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach county is Gary walk into the court room. Gary isn’t afraid of the trial process like most other attorneys. Most attorney’s will grab your money and try to make some bullshit deal so they do not have to work. Most attorney’s are afraid to take cases to trial because they simply do not have the balls to attempt to earn their money. Gary will quickly put any prosecutor that gets out of line with your rights in his place very quickly in court

Tommy Ol

I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me because I should of got 5 year’s for a trafficking charge but instead I got 28 days in rehab & 3 years probation which showed that Gary isn’t just a great Lawyer he also cares about his clients and I don’t know about you but that a hard quality to find in most people no less a Lawyer again thank you for saving my life I owe you my life